2 thoughts on “Leftover Scraps current standings

  1. My name is Bobby Bongard..my wife Tammy and I started bowling the friday night league…. Tammy was to replace Evelyn due to a knee or hip injury…. It turns out that DC or Evelyn may have misunderstood the status of when her last week would be…. My wife and I would really like to bowl together…. I am asking if there is a team that has a need for two bowlers it would be great if we could transfer as soon as possible so we can finish this season bowling together… Thank you very much for looking into this for us our plan is to have our own team for next season…. I will be waiting for your response….. Thanks again….Robert and Tammy Bongard…

    1. CardinalLanesBeachBowl@gmail.com

      Unfortunately, we do not have two openings on a team right now. The best way for you and your wife to bowl is to sub. With the size of the Friday night league, there is always a good chance there is at least one sub spot. If you’re interested, our Summer league start around May. We should have a schedule for that in a couple months.

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